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Anti-DDoS Services

As cyber-attacks are becoming more and more frequent and complex, the impact of a DDoS attack can be catastrophic and widespread. It could handicap the targeted organisation’s ability to communicate, process transactions or function effectively for hours or even days. The intangible damage to brand value and reputation of an organisation is even harder to measure. C2 SQUARE is dedicated to provide the most comprehensive solutions to detect, monitor and mitigate DDoS attacks.


C2 SQUARE’s cloud-based Anti-DDoS service is a focused offer for:  

  • Financial Services Industry
  • Online Gaming Businesses
  • Enterprises that operate in complex or unique ICT environment
  • Mission-critical web-based businesses that requires maximum availability and stability

Our service is backed by a distributed scrubbing platform that is able to handle large and complex DDoS attacks, inclusive of zero-day attacks.  It can be rapidly and easily deployed, and most importantly, it is fully scalable to adapt to business growth and requirements.